The secret to getting lots of high paying surveys is to sign up for as many survey companies as you can. Make a goal right now to sign up for at least the top 10 in this list. That should take you less than 30 minutes. Then you'll start getting survey requests as soon as tonight!

The more companies you sign up with the more you can pick and choose the highest paying surveys!

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There is one survey company that I am only allowed to tell you about via email. This is because they are the highest paying one. Sign up here to notify me that I can send you that link.
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The key to Ipsos I-Say is to fill out that first survey you're given right after registering. If you register for this one, make sure you're serious. Fill out your profile well, do that first survey quickly and they will reward you well with good surveys. Be sure to work hard on the first few so you prove yourself to them. Then you're "in."

IPSOS enters all new members instantly in a $5000 sweepstates just for joining. They have a great reputation for generous payouts. You've probably heard of them because they are the polling company you hear about in the news often. You don't get paid cash per survey, but you can win cash and earn points that you can exchange for cash. If you want your opinion heard, and want to earn points quick this is the one to join.

Points add up pretty fast and you can cash out quickly with Ipsos I-Say. They pay via check. Remember: do that first survey immediately

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Toluna - USA

Toluna Survey Panel is unique for several reasons. It's community based--so there are a lot of mini-polls, and what's really fun is you even get to do your own mini-polls! Also, you get points even if you don't qualify for a given survey! They have a monthly $4500 drawing for survey takers, and the more surveys you try, the more entries you get. Toluna is one that rewards you for diligence.

Points will then be converted into cash, PayPal or gift cards. They accept people from several international countries.

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Are you kidding? Make money sitting on your couch while watching TV? Believe it or not, it's actually true. Earning points with RewardTV is easy and fun. You play fun trivia games based on the TV shows you watch and you're rewarded by commercial sponsors such as BMW, Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, Toys R Us, Chevron, etc. among others. Earn 5000 points instantly as soon as you register here.

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Clearvoice Surveys

ClearVoice does something that no one else does--they even pay you for surveys you don't qualify for! If you get a survey request and find out that you don't qualify for it for one reason or another, they still pay you. It's not much, but none of the other survey companies do this!

The other thing I like is that they pay consistently for every single survey you take. You can get cash or you can get gift certificates at or one of my favorites: Dining Dough! It's a great way to multiply your rewards, and there's nothing like getting to go eat out at nice places just because you completed a few surveys!

One big plus for this one is that you may get invited to clinical studies. Those pay the most of all. Even more than focus groups.

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The nice thing about MySurvey is that the more surveys I take, the more I get. And the payouts get higher and higher too. Impress them and they'll impress you. Absolutely one of my favorites. With My Survey, you earn points that you convert to cash. They also have great merchandise you can cash out for. They send a check. I have made hundreds with them to date. They pay within a couple of weeks!

Be sure to fill out your profile on their site and make sure you confirm your email in the welcome email they send you.

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ask GfK

A very corporate and professional looking site by GfK (which means Growth from Knowledge), they are the same company that brought you, a legit and outstanding company. askGfK is a top-ten market research company, uniting some of the most renowned US and European research firms into a single global organization.
It might be a little tedious at first to sign up but when you register with your complete information there’s a lot of surveys waiting for you there. You are rewarded points with every survey you finish and you can redeem right away once you hit $25. (For some market research companies you have to reach a bigger amount.) And if you remember how rewarded its panelist you can bet the farm that askGfK will definitely follow suit. 
You are rewarded with points and prizes such as flat screen TV’s, vacations, netbooks and even cash incentives when you finish a certain number of surveys.
So don't wait up, sign up HERE for free.

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Global Test Market

Global Test Market is hot after new survey takers right now and they are compensating well. They have the fastest and most efficient surveys in the online market. And they pay CASH for surveys taken!

You will frequently get surveys for points ranging from 5 to over 1,000. You cash out when you reach 1,000 points for $50 (and that's not bad at all). You can get a survey from them that pays out 2,000 points that would be enough for $100 cash. And you often get points, even if you don't qualify.

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Survey Spot

Memberships in Survey Spot are FREE right now! And they are GENEROUS! They have given out over $20 million dollars in cash and prizes so far. They also have a new Instant Win game that you qualify for every time you do a survey, even if it's just a $2.00 survey! They also give out $25,000 cash every three months to one lucky survey-taker.

As soon as you reach the claim threshold of 1000 points, you can request payment via PayPal. Payment will be added to the PayPal account you use for your SurveySpot correspondence.

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I like this one because of the $5 sign-up bonus. They give you 5 bucks just to sign up! Then the dollars just keep coming. I get good offers every single day from them. And then after I do the quick surveys, they send me my earnings! Just like their name says.

One of the most popular ways to make money with this program is to complete their daily $.50 survey. Sure it's not a lot of money but the survey will only take you a minute or so and if you do the math that equals out to about $30/hr. But the "secret" is that once you do the daily survey, that opens up other ways you can make money that only the daily surveys takers get. (hint hint)

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Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is great because in four quick surveys you can get $20 immediately! This is a high class service. You'll realize that when you see who their clients are. The great thing is that you can also win Marriott hotel stays, iTunes money, Macy's gift certificates and lot more nice rewards like that. And that's in addition to the cash you earn!

Here's one really unique thing they do: if you already have an account with one of their customers, like a cell phone company, or credit card company, etc., they post jobs for a certain payout (like $5 or so) and then you call customer service for that company. Then you fill out a quick survey reporting the results of the call! So you get PAID to tattle-tale on bad (or good) customer service. Nice deal huh!

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Springboard America

Springboard is worth the two minutes it takes to see if you qualify. You might be selected for some very high paying surveys. One of their questions was a bit personal for my taste though.

This one is temporarily only for males 18 to 34. Check back later for the women's version.


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VIP Voice

VIP Voice is a solid site that sends frequent surveys. Members earn points for completing surveys, and each point is worth one entry into a sweepstakes that YOU choose. In addition, you will automatically be entered for a monthly $1,000 sweepstakes upon completing a survey. You get one entry for each survey you complete, so the more surveys you do the higher your odds of winning each month.

VIP Voice is run by the "Rock Stars" of the market research world, a company called NPD and the truth is, you do kinda feel like a VIP with them. If you treat them right (by being a serious survey-taker), then they treat you right with generous rewards.

It's simple to join. Just go here: VIP Voice and fill out a brief Member Profile Survey. This registration process takes less than 10 minutes, and once you complete the survey, you'll immediately be entered to win $1,000!

Also, with each additional survey you take you'll earn another chance for cash rewards.


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Nielsen Digital Voice

With Nielsen Digital Voice, you can help shape the digital future while getting the chance to win up to $1,000 every month.
Be Part of Something Big:
·         Join and Download the App
·         Surf Away
·         Earn Entries into the $10,000 Monthly Sweepstakes

The longer you participate, the more opportunities you have to earn cash rewards!

Lots of people give their opinions free to Nielsen because of their famous TV ratings system. But if you sign up today, you can be one of the select few that they will PAY for your opinions. If you would like to have input into which TV shows get the best ratings, as well as rating other products, sign up for this one. They offer a very generous rewards program. One last thing: the sign-up form for Nielsen is the longest one, but it's SO worth it! You'll thank me that you did it.

You provide information about how you surf the web and are entered into drawings for nice prizes each month, including a $1,000 grand prize. This is a way for you to have your voice heard as part of Internet research and trend data without having to do anything except register.

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Pro Opinion

Pro Opinion is looking for people who want to impact how products and service are made and done. They give points you can redeem via Paypal or Amazon among others. This is a fun process. You are contributing from the drawing board of product development to how the end-user experiences this product or service. Because too many times a product is launched (to the detriment of everyone) with little to no market research. 

Pro Opinion has a very extensive profile matching page so just hang in there as you fill it up. They want to make sure they match you with the best studies. The available surveys are also comprehensive as the marketing research firms want to get the most accurate data they can get. So again, some patience is required here. You are well rewarded though. 


Register HERE for free. 


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Quality Health: Share Your Opinions

Quality Health's survey acts as a matchmaker that pairs consumers with the offers they want. Savings, cookbooks, sweepstakes, samples… you'll find it all and more.

This site is an absolute must for anyone with any kind of health condition, or who has an upcoming doctor appointment. The unique survey system is loaded with educational content, free guides, and savings offers for a wide variety of care, medications, and treatments. Just answer questions and it comes to you.

Even if you're the picture of perfect health, go here for the coupon offers, which could save you a hundreds of dollars a year with a few minutes and a few clicks.

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Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars pays you $5 just to sign up! They also pay you to read emails, play games, try new products, and shop on-line. My best friend says this is her favorite survey company because she makes at least $1 every day.

The other way to make money with Inbox Dollars is by referring more people to the opportunity. You earn five dollars for each person that signs up through your referral link. This is a simple and hassle free way to add to your income stream.

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Harris Poll Online

Make a difference today by becoming a member of Harris Poll Online. One of the many benefits of being a panel member is influencing, not just the market place, but also creating an impact on the decision makers in government, corporations, and non-profit organizations. What a privilege!

Harris Poll is one the oldest and most prestigious polls worldwide. Panelists can participate in surveys that shape policies, products and services that may have national or international media coverage.

Make your opinion count today and be rewarded with a variety of merchandise and gift certificates in their new appreciation program, Harris Poll Online Rewards. You also have a chance to win $250-$10000 in their Grand Sweepstakes.

Register today. Free to join.

There's a special version for men here.

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Permission Research

I love Permission Research because it's just easy. Your computer does most of the work for you. They provide some free protection tools for your computer like anti-virus software and surfing protection and all kinds of other stuff. Then they take anonymous surfing data from your computer and use it to improve the overall Internet experience. It's really great because your computer is doing all the work for you! Update: They just added a $100,000 sweepstakes for a short while. The drawing date is coming up soon so go see if you are the one who wins it!

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Project Payday

Project Payday is my favorite way to make quick money online. I can almost guarantee you have never seen anything like it before and you can get their training guide for free. They were even featured on MSN recently.

Project Payday`s training guide and "Fast First Fifty" program introduces you to the world of Incentivized Freebie Websites (or IFW`s for short). If you haven`t heard of these, don`t worry, Project Payday will explain it all to you.

You can sign up and get the guide FOR FREE at Project Payday by completing a sponsor offer on the 3rd page.  Make sure you activate your account by completing a sponsor offer so you can start getting PAID. And to really super-charge your earnings do the VIP Upgrade (also FREE by completing a sponsor offer). You can start making money really quickly - within a few hours. It does take some work on your part, but anyone who believes that they can make money without doing anything should stop searching for a way to make money online immediately, before they get seriously scammed.

They also have a guarantee where they offer to pay YOU $100 if you follow their system and don`t make money yourself. So that`s how confident they are in their system.

I`ve reviewed lots of work from home opportunities over the years and Project Payday still earns my highest mark. I highly suggest you check it out.

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Memolink has just recently accelerated their rewards payouts. They have the most generous rewards system I've ever seen. They have relationships with over 300 companies and offer an outstanding system for people who like to shop. You don't ever have to buy anything, but if you do, you get rewards back for every purchase -- the stuff you buy everyday anyway! I love this one. And everything's on sale all the time!

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